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My parents attended the Accumulating Wealth Seminar a few years ago and had talked about it ever since! They spoke about it often and had already taught me to apply some of the principles from the seminar while I was still in college. Needless to say, I was excited and ready to go once it was our turn! My parents knew the importance of the seminar and made the investment to send me and my husband, just a few short months after getting married.

The seminar added great value to our knowledge about our current and future finances. The information was presented in a way that was easy to understand and gave us actionable steps to apply right away. It was astonishing to see how a small amount of money saved at a young age can compound over a long period of time to become so great! We loved learning what types of investments would provide the greatest return for our future, some of which were not what we originally thought!

The concepts that were taught at the seminar have been influencing our financial decisions every day. We now have multiple investment accounts and understand the importance of paying ourselves (through the investments) first, even before paying off all of our debt, such as our student loans. We definitely recommend the Accumulating Wealth Seminar to anyone who cares about their current or future financial situation, especially young (highschool, college) adults. By applying the information taught in the seminar, you can completely change your financial future forever!

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