Since its inception, the 3to1 Foundation has worked to serve the community by providing individuals of all ages access to financial seminars and by providing grants of funds to aid in specific need based situations.

Your donation to the 3to1 Foundation contributes to the development of new seminar offerings and underwrites the cost of administering the seminars. Attendees are charged a fraction of the actual cost of conducting the seminars. Also, the 3to1 Foundation is committed to helping the community at large by serving as a collector and disseminator of funds for specific philanthropic programs. For example the 3to1 Foundation came to the financial aid of victims of Hurricane Katrina, helping families to rebuild their homes.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the 3to1 Foundation. Your donation will help us to continue to make a difference in the lives of others!

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Lifetime and Annual Members of the 3to1 Foundation support the Foundation’s Mission which includes educating individuals regarding the financial principles of attaining lifetime economic freedom. Donations are used to sponsor the Foundation’s interactive seminars and to expand and improve the reach of the Foundation’s financial programs.

Lifetime Membership  consists of a one time donation of $2000.00. Immediate family (self, spouse, children) and grandchildren receive a 25% discount on seminars and programs sponsored by the Foundation. Annual Membership consists of an initial contribution of $200.00, followed by an annual recurring contribution of $100.00 starting the second year.  Immediate family (self, spouse, children) receives a 10% discount on seminars and programs sponsored by the Foundation.

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