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GOAL: The goal of the 3to1 Foundation Relief Fund is to provide direct discretionary monetary assistance to individuals who have suffered significant loss due to Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma.

ELEGIBILITY: Employees of a Cain Watters & Associates’ client who have experienced significant loss or undue financial strain due to the hurricane. The employee’s residence must be located in a Federally Designated Disaster Area.

Hurricane Relief Fund Application Process

Please read all eligibility rules and processes prior to submitting your application.

List of Designated Counties:
Hurricane Harvey       Hurricane Irma       Georgia Counties


  1. Application- Complete all application fields. Sign and date the application.
  2. Committee review- All applications are reviewed by the 3to1 Foundation Hurricane Relief Committee, made up of members of the 3to1 Foundation Board of Directors. Note that the completion and submission of an application is neither a right nor entitlement to assistance under the 3to1 Foundation Hurricane Relief Fund. The Committee shall have sole discretion in determining whether an applicant qualifies for and will receive monetary assistance. A majority vote by the Committee is required to approve an application.
  3. Assistance approval- The amount of assistance awarded will be determined by the Committee after careful review and approval of the application for assistance. To determine the amount of the grant, the Committee will take into consideration the particular circumstances of each applicant, including financial need, age and physical condition, opportunity for assistance by local, state and federal government, and other relevant factors. This process may take several weeks.
  4. Assistance award- Once the Committee has reached a decision about the application, the Foundation Director will communicate the decision (by phone or email) with the applicant. The Director will arrange to have a check issued and sent via U.S. mail or Fed-Ex to the approved applicant.



December 1, 2017
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