Financial Videos

The following videos give insight into current financial topics such as the long-term cost of your “small” purchases and the importance of saving and investing.

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3to1 Principles for Wealth Accumulation:

CWA Planner, Hunter Satterfield, discusses the concept of 3:1.

Founder’s Video:

Darrell Cain, 3to1 Foundation Chairman, discusses the importance of financial knowledge in planning your financial future.

Your Coffee Habit is Costing You:

This video highlights the need to be aware of small purchases and their effect on your long-term financial situation.

Accumulating Wealth Seminar:

CWA Managing Partner, Dan Wicker, discusses the benefits of attending the 3to1 Foundation Accumulating Wealth Seminar.

Benefits of the AWS:

Dr. Tom Fisher and his staff share the importance of attending the Accumulating Wealth Seminar and how it has benefited them.

3to1 Foundation Couple’s Video:

This video tells the story of a young couple who benefited from the information they received in the 3to1 Foundation Accumulating Wealth Seminar. Their experience is amazing!

529 Plan Video:

529 plans are versatile future college savings accounts that offer federal, and sometimes state, tax benefits, while minimizing impact on financial aid.

Investing in the 3to1 Foundation:

Volunteers and donors discuss why they invest in the 3to1 Foundation.

Scholarship Recipients Video:

Recent 3to1 Scholarship recipients describe what the scholarship award has meant to them.

Financial Tools

One aspect of the 3to1 Foundation’s Mission is to provide access to financial tools that help individuals set financial goals and calculate their personal budgets, savings, large purchases and taxes. The Personal Budget Tool was developed by a CWA employee and provides the ability to create a budget by inputting personal financial information.  All of the remaining financial tools reside on the 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy Website, supported by the American Institute of CPA’s.

Personal Budget Tool

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Savings Goals

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Short-Term Savings Goal

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Traditional IRA Calculator

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Auto Financing Tool

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Roth IRA Calculator

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Retirement Planner

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College Savings Calculator

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College Budget Tool

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Spending Tracker

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Life Insurance Calculator

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Credit Card Payoff Calculator

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College Resources

If you are interested in attending college, or are looking to send your child to college, the College Resources Page will give you the help you need to plan well for this milestone in life.

College Resources Page