College Resources

If you are interested in attending college, or are looking to send your child to college, this page will give you the help you need to plan well for this milestone in life. Below you will find videos and tools that you can access.

In addition to these resources, the 3to1 Foundation created a scholarship program to help families struggling to provide their children with a college education. Click the buttons below to learn about the scholarship and view past recipients.

529 Plan

Video: What is a 529 Plan?

Watch a video about 529 Plans

Article: What is a 529 Plan?

Read about 529 Plans

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Top 7 Benefits of 529 Plan

Learn the top reasons why it’s smart to start a 529 Plan

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Tools / Estimators / Calculators

College Budget Tool

A tool to help you gauge the funds needed for scholarships and/or loans

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College Savings Calculator

This college cost and savings calculator is the ideal tool for your college planning needs

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Explore colleges, careers, payment resources and estimator

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Scholarships / Financial Aid

How Do I Obtain Financing for College?

The 3 ways college tuition is typically funded

  1. Private Lending

    Most large banks make college loans.

  2. Personal Savings

    529 Plans- State sponsored college savings plan that allows you to save for college and let your savings grow tax-free.

  3. Roth IRAs

    You may contribute to Roth IRAs with your “earned” income and can take distributions to pay for qualified education expenses. However, there is a caution here. The portion of the distribution that comes from your contributions is tax-free, but the portion that comes from earnings is still subject to income tax if withdrawn before you reach age 59-1/2.

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Need-based financial aid application

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Free online scholarship search site

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Financial aid, College scholarships and Loan eligibility estimator

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SREB Southern Regional Education Board

Study in a specialized field at an out-of-state college, at in-state tuition rates

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Dental Schools

Find scholarship programs sponsored by Federal and state governments, professional dental associations, and colleges and universities across the country

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