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3 to 1 Accumulating Wealth Seminar: Hannah Cassatly

The 3 to 1 Foundation, Accumulating Wealth Seminar is not only helpful, but also necessary for many young adults. As a twenty year old, prior to the Seminar, I had very little knowledge about financial management and planning.  The Seminar went over basic knowledge for understanding finances, but it also went above and beyond with instructions on how to optimize one’s financial future.  Topics included, but were not limited to, budgeting, investments, taxes and goal setting. I am currently much more aware and conscious of how I spend my money and on what.  I learned that the young-adult years determine much of one’s financial future; therefore it is important to understand finances early on. Since the Seminar, I have placed myself on a budget, based on projected annual income.
I would recommend this Seminar to all who are interested, and even to those who may not be interested. I am not studying business or anything finance related and had never taken an interest in such topics. However, the course and Darrell Cain made it interesting and easy to understand the topics that I usually found too complex. The 3 to 1 Foundation Seminar is a great resource and I recommend enrolling in it.

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