Harmon Michael Barton – 3to1 Foundation

Harmon Bardon – 2017 Scholarship Winner

When I received the congratulation letter from the representative of the 3to 1 foundation, I was overtaken by many emotions. I was on my way to the airport for a vacation to the state of Washington when I got the email. It meant so much to me that I had to make a phone call to everyone and give them the good news. This scholarship doesn’t just mean extra money for books or tuition, it means a future. It is going to help me get on my feet financially for the next couple of years by covering a part of my tuition I will no longer have to pay.

Winning this scholarship is a huge deal for me and a huge deal for my family. I am the first graduate in my family to receive a scholarship of any sort. To see that I have made someone else proud means so much more than any amount of scholarship money. This award has given everyone, including myself, hope for my future at UAB. I am very appreciative and grateful that the Board of Directors has selected me as a recipient for the 2017 3to 1 Foundation scholarship.

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