Lauren Elizabeth Conklin

I am greatly honored to have been selected as a recipient of the 3to1 Foundation College Scholarship. Thank you for your consideration and your generosity! I was absolutely thrilled to receive the phone call about my selection and I am strongly appreciative of your support to me and my family as I further my education at Troy University. I am blessed by people who value and understand the importance of education and work to create opportunities for others to thrive in that.

I hope that with this given opportunity, I will be able to give back to my community and provide to those who can’t for themselves. With this financial assistance, I’m going to pursue an internship in the summer doing what I love: working with people and appreciating the environment. After receiving this scholarship, I am inspired and even more excited to go back to school to continue classes in environmental science, biology, and geography. I am humbled to know that there are people like the 3to1 Foundation Community that are willing to help someone achieve their goals who is persistent towards a good cause. Thank you again for your compassion

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