Brandon Kennedy Millard

Winning this scholarship is something that I am extremely excited about, and I only hope that this letter displays how grateful I am.

With classes starting in late August, I am a very proud member of the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry’s Class of 2022 (UFCD). UFCD has 93 spots available and 10 of those are unsubsidized student positions. Being an unsubsidized student, such as myself, means that although I am a Florida resident, I will be paying a little bit more than out of state tuition all four years, with no possibility of re-classifying to be in-state. This is because when UFCD wanted to increase its class size from 83 to 93. The state of Florida did not provide funding for those extra 10 spots, leaving the students to carry the extra financial load. This means that I am paying more than most other students at UFCD.

This extra cost is a good part of why I am so thankful to be receiving this scholarship. The money from this scholarship will go towards eating away at the costs of tuition, books, uniforms, etc. and thereby decreasing the amount of loans I am needing to take, which decreases the amount of money that I will owe in loans in the future. This money is a blessing and is going to come into great use as I begin this next journey at UFCD.

While I am very excited about the monetary part of this scholarship, I am also grateful of the meaning that it carries. Winning this scholarship means that the Board believes in my ability to achieve my goals and one day become the best Dental Professional that I can be. I applied to dental school for the second time this year after not being accepted to a single one of the schools that I applied to last year.

After not receiving an offer from a single school, it felt like no one, but myself, truly believed in my ability. I decided to make every effort that I could to upgrade my application before I applied again. I greatly improved my test scores, slightly increased my GPA, and increased my hours of both shadowing and work experience exponentially in the 8-10 months between application periods. This round of applications was much more favorable, getting into two of my top schools and ultimately choosing my alma mater to continue my professional education.

Knowing that the Board believes in my abilities, potential, and future is something that uplifts me, and something that I will carry with me throughout my professional career. So, once again, thank you. Thank you for your part in helping me to lift the weight of student loans, thank you for your part in making my dreams come true, but most importantly, thank you for believing in me. I can promise you that this scholarship will be put to good use, and I will never let you down.

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