Carter Kochis

I was very excited to find out that I had been chosen to receive the 3to1 foundation scholarship for 2020. I am greatly appreciative of them for choosing me, this scholarship is much more than money to me, it is an opportunity for me to shape my own future into a successful one. Over the past year I have been going to my community college and met a lot of older people who were going back to school to earn their degree, which helped me to see the value that a good education will have in my future. This coming fall I will be attending Texas Tech University and this scholarship will take a huge burden off of my back and my families as well. I still have a younger brother and sister that will be going to college in two years, so it is great knowing that I am leaving a little more money behind for them to pursue their dreams in the near future.

Thank you for helping me chase my dreams at Texas Tech and believing in me, I promise to do you all proud in 2020.

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