Emily Ashton Thompson

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest thanks and gratitude for having been selected as a 2018 3to1 Foundation Scholarship recipient.  Because of the financial support that this scholarship is providing, I now have a manageable budget that allows me to pay for college expenses without having to work excessive hours that might threaten my ability to succeed academically.

I will be attending Mississippi State University, majoring in Biomedical Engineering. After completing my undergraduate studies I will either focus on research and development in graduate school, or pursue medical school. I plan to co-op or intern along the way to help finance my education.

I’ve worked hard all my life to overcome challenges that most students fortunately do not have to face. Winning this scholarship re-affirms to me that hard work pays off and that pushing myself beyond my perceived limits was well worth it.  I know that there will always be potential college students with possibly greater challenges, both socially and economically, that need just a little bit of help to make their dreams a reality. Because of the help that the 3to1 Foundation has provided me, I know that I will one day be in a position to help those students and continue the tradition of giving the gift of education .

On behalf of all the students working to overcome financial difficulties to continue their education, I extend this heartfelt thank you.

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