Jansen Nash

I just wanted to write to thank you so much for awarding me one of this year’s scholarship awards. My name is Jansen Nash, and I am a fourth-year dental student at school at MUSC in Charleston, SC. It was a treat to get to see you all at the CWA Annual Meeting in my hometown this spring.

I have some very fun news – I just married my beautiful wife, and we have now been married three weeks! Not even a global pandemic could stop us from celebrating marriage and our new life as one. So, this scholarship you have awarded me is not only to me, but to us together. From the newly minted Nash family, thank you.

I have lived off of loans these first three years of dental school, and I have already racked up quite the large sum! So, this scholarship could not be timelier as McKenzie and I begin our life together. It will help reduce the financial burden of my school on our combined finances. We plan for the scholarship money to pay for my residency application fees this fall. If not that, then we will use it to pay back a portion of my loans and capitalize financially on this season of zero interest accrual for federal student loans. In short, we are making decisions based on the skills and knowledge I learned at my time at the 3-to-1 Foundation weekend

Again, thank you from our new family to yours. We are extremely grateful.
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