Omar Francisco Guardado

I hope to be able to show you my gratitude in this letter not by simply saying thank you, but by actually illustrating what it means to me to receive this scholarship.

This is my second year receiving this scholarship which means that I already have much to be appreciative for. The money that I received went straight to my tuition for Texas A&M University. I am certain that the money this year will also go towards my tuition. This scholarship will help me further scholastic career by providing a means of affording college without loans. The 3to1 foundation is helping me graduate from college without any debt and I know that is something which all college students (especially me) would be very grateful for.

I especially want to express my gratitude for being considered for this scholarship a second time in a row. I really tried my best to give my first year of college all I had in me in order to finish with a high GPA. This scholarship means that I will be able to focus on school rather than maintaining a job during school. It takes a great weight of my shoulders.

Thank you so much to the 3to1 Foundation for choosing me as the recipient for this year’s scholarship.

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