Paige Elizabeth Miller

2019 Letter

Thank you so much for granting me this wonderful opportunity as I further pursue my education. I am extremely grateful for the chance to move forward in my studies! I will grow not only as a student, but as a person, all thankfully aided by this scholarship. Both my family and I are very appreciative that I have received this opportunity again.

I am very lucky to have the chance to study at the Ohio State University, and I cannot express enough how much it means to have the ability to utilize this scholarship to reach my dreams. My goal in life is to become a dentist, and that has been what I have been striving to do by studying hard and working to excel in all of my classes. Though this past year was challenging as I learned to balance work, classes, and extra curricular activities such as pre-dental club, this scholarship helped alleviate a lot of the financial stress, and I am very thankful that it will do that this year as well.

This summer, I have been very fortunate in earning a position as an intern at Milford Dental Excellence. I have been helping as a dental assistant, and shadowing the doctors, gaining valuable experience. The opportunity to be an intern at a dental office has helped my passion for dentistry grow and helped me realize that my dream of being a dentist can be achieved through a lot of hard work. Thanks again to this scholarship, I am able to focus on what is best for my education, as well as my future career.

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2018 Letter

Thank you so much for the opportunity that you have granted me through giving me this scholarship. It means so much to both my family and me. As a whole, my family and I were worried about the total cost of college. However, my family worked as hard as they could to allow me to go to my dream school, Ohio State University, to work on becoming a dentist. But, this meant a lot of cost for us, and this scholarship relieves a lot of this stress. So, I would like to thank the 3to1 Foundation for everything they have done for both my family and me, and in allowing me to go to the college that I have always wanted, without the stress of tuition.

Furthermore, I would like to thank the 3to1 Foundation for promising me a future and a possibility to continue my education, when I did not have the means to ensure that. The excitement that I felt upon receiving the scholarship was like nothing I have previously experienced. I am so thankful to have this scholarship, and this great opportunity that it has granted me. I cannot wait for college, and the education that I can now pursue, thanks to the 3to1 Foundation. Thank you for everything!

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