Tarnejah Dione Rolfe

I am writing to simply thank you all for the generous scholarship from your organization. I was truly excited to learn of my selection for this great honor and I am very appreciative of all of the love and support that this organization has given me.

Here lately, I have come to realize that college is a great expense. With the financial assistance of the 3to1 Foundation, much of the stress regarding my finances in college has been relieved. By giving me this financial assistance, I will be given extra time to concentrate on my studying while I am in college. It is nice to know that there are people who believe so much in my success that they are willing to raise funds to ensure that I remain diligent in my efforts to become fruitful in my life. For these efforts that you all have put forth, I am truly grateful. I would again like to reiterate my thanks to this organization because people like you all keep me motivated to one day mimic the art of giving. You all have made a commitment to my success and I will continue to work hard to make you all very proud.

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