Autumn Raine Tompkin

Thank you for your generous scholarship. I am junior studying computer science at Duke University and can report that I am already heavily in debt. So, your scholarship does not go unappreciated. I’m very fortunate that I will be able to save money and avoid the crippling debt that comes with an expensive school. Without the kind support of donors like your organization, I would not be able to attend the school that I’m attending.

Your award will aid me in pursing an adventurous scholastic opportunity without terrible financial stress. I recently was worrying about where my food money would come from while I studied abroad in Scotland. (Did you know that food in Europe is hideously expensive?) However, now I am not stressed about my food situation. While this may sound minor, it means a lot to me. As you can imagine, meals taste better when you aren’t worrying about how much they cost. I know that this money could have gone to a thousand other places, so I really appreciate that I was found fit to receive this amazing gift. I cannot thank you enough. But that won’t stop me from trying. Thanks a million.

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